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Backlink Checker

This tool is super important for your SEO efforts and to your website ranking. Maxstore Backlink Checker makes backlink analysis possible without writing code and building complex robots. We already did the hard work for you. The tool provides you with valuable insight and data when you develop a link building strategy. A well organized and detailed report including deep analysis of links pointing to your content is provided to you with a single click. But there’s more - our backlin checker will provide data not only about incoming links but also about your own web site links, including keyword analysis, rating, traffic, link types and more.


About Backlinks

Links, or hypertext, are one of the most important building blocks of content on webpages. Links make surfing the internet possible. This is why Google and other search engines give links such great weight in ranking websites.


The number of links pointing to your website, the ranking of websites linking to your pages and the anchor text of those links and more, are what you want to look at to get that link juice flowing. Data provided by our Backlink Checker tool is so detailed, it gives you a new and useful perspective of your content and how other websites value it. Properly used, this tool will help you rank higher.


So let's get into it and find out who links to which content on your pages, how do they do it, and how you can improve your website value for users and for search engines, get higher ranking and more relevant traffic.


Use the Backlink Checker to:

  • Find out who is linking to your content
  • Analyse your competitors backlinks
  • Discover your most valuable content which brings most incoming links


Key features

  • Displays the URL of pages linking to your content
  • Displays backlinks anchor text
  • Displays domain rating and URL rating of websites linking to your content
  • Displays whether the link to your web page is a follow or no follow type


And much more - try our tool to find out!

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