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MD5 Hash Generator:

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MD5 Hash:

MD5 Hash Generator

Maxstore’s MD5 (Message Digest algorithm) Hash Generator automatically generates an MD5 hash string for you. The string is used in various software and data transfer applications to verify a file or any type of data has arrived unmodified and intact at the requesting machine.


Although MD5 is widely used, it was demonstrated to be vulnerable to collision and hash attacks, therefore it should not be used in applications requiring high levels of secured cryptography.

Also available: Base 64, SHA-1 hash generator and SHA-256 hash generator. 


The four features of a cryptographic hash function

Hash functions are basically just mathematical equations but in order to provide the service they were created for, these equations must be very robust and execute well on all four of the following features:

Efficient computation

A machine should be able to complete the task in a minimal amount of time. Modern computers can compute a hash function in a fraction of a millisecond.

Deterministic results

A hash function must always produce the same result in order to perform its objective: verification of the input. Otherwise, if a hash function result is not always the same for a specific input, we will not be able to absolutely verify the authenticity of the file or data.

Resistant to pre-image

The output of the hash function should obscure any information about the input. The length of the function’s output should always be the same. If the output length was in any relation to the input length, it would disclose information about the input.

Resistant to collisions

No two different inputs should produce an identical output. SInce all outputs have the same length while inputs can have any length, it is mathematically possible for two different inputs to produce a non-unique output. The function therefore must be robust enough to make such a possibility near-infinitely impossible

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