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Broken Links Checker results

Maxstore’s Broken Link Checker tool goes over all the links on the web page you submitted. The  findings are displayed in an organized and easy to work with format. One cannot manually go over every link on a website, click it and see if it’s broken or not. It will take too long and will likely not cover all links. We do it automatically for you.


How to use the Broken Link Checker results for better SEO:


Have a look at the visualization of the results summary at the top of the results page. This gives an overall review of the findings.


Below the summary you’ll see a detailed report.


Broken URLs are listed for the page you entered in the tool URL field.


The anchor of the broken URL, or the text displayed on the page checked, is listed next so you can easily find it on the web page.


Next is the type of the broken link.


On the right hand side of the results table the tool displays whether a broken link has a follow or a nofollow tag.


Go to the audited page, find the anchor for the broken link and figure out why is the link broken. It could be a typo in the URL address, a page or file that was moved or deleted, or an external link that changed. Find the reason and fix the URL in your web page code. If a URL cannot be fixed for whatever reason, remove it from your web page.


Note the follow, nofollow column. You can change this attribute on your web page so that spiders do not crawl a specific link or all links on a web page.


Once all the broken links were corrected, click the Refresh button to run the checker again and make sure no broken links are left untreated on the web page.


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