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SHA-1 Hash Generator

You can use Maxstroe’s SHA-1 Hash Generator (Secure Hash Algorithm) to verify the integrity of your files, for example, when moved between storage media or transported over a network connection. SHA-1 employs a 160 bit message digest and is widely used for comparing checksums. SHA-1 is more a consistency check tool than a security measure.


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SHA-1 features

Generate a checksum for files and strings in order to:

Compare users passwords checksum

Verify the integrity of a downloaded file to discover malware or file corruption

Use SHA-1 for data integrity checks in parts of SSL certificates data

About SHA-1

SHA algorithms are a family of cryptographic hash function developed by the NSA and published by NIST beginning with SHA-0, or SHA, published in 1993.

SHA-1, the 2nd version of the SHA family algorithms was published in 1995 and was thought to have increased security. In 2005 a weakness was identified in SHA-1. As a result the NIST recommended that branches of the U.S. government stop using SHA-1. Many large corporations have since stopped accepting SSL certificates employing a SHA-1 function.

The latest version of this hash functions family is SHA-3.

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