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SEO Score Checker

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, involves multiple parameters. When a Google crawler visits your website it checks and quantifies all these parameters and gives your site a score. This score translates into rank that will eventually determine where on a search results page a website will appear. This position may bring more organic traffic to your website, or if your SEO is not that great, less traffic.


So how can you get a better score, rank higher and receive more traffic? The answer is: optimize your site for search engines. In comes Maxstore’s incredibly handy tool - the SEO Score Checker. It checks and calculates relevant SEO parameters and gives you a detailed and clear overview of what is well optimized and what needs improvement.


When Google or other search engines check a website, they inspect these four areas:

  • quality and relevancy of the content
  • technical aspects of a website or page
  • the quality of experience visitors have when using a website
  • how well a website performs on mobile devices


Each of these areas encompass many different elements. A single element however may be relevant to all four areas. Images for example are not merely content. Images have technical aspects like file size which determines how fast they load; responsiveness aspects like how do they display on different screen sizes, and user experience aspect which may include all of the above plus image alt tags for instance.


This is where our SEO Score Checker tool starts working for you. It looks into these four categories and their different parameters. The tool is doing an enormous amount of work for you to use as you continue to improve your site SEO.


Main features:

  • Performs SEO test providing passed checks, warnings and critical errors.
  • Displays an SEO overall score.
  • Provides a detailed list of checks, their status and the details for each check.
  • Conveniently divides the numerous SEO parameters into tabs: general SEO, keywords, social statistics, server and security, advanced SEO.
  • Each of these tabs contain important elements checks that you can act upon and improve.
  • You can load your competition URL to see how good is their SEO.
  • Lets you create an SEO improvement work plan according to the detailed report
  • It’s all FREE to use


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